Meet our Dealers

Melford Antiques, Interiors & Lifestyle Centre have some of the best Antique Dealers currently trading in the UK, their professionalism and ability to find, restore and bring to the marketplace some of the finest Antique Furniture, Collectables and other items currently around being second to none.    

We also have some of the finest Artwork on display outside a museum/gallery environment. 

In addition, the Centre also has a wealth of independent sole traders and small businesses who deal in later furniture, period style and reproduction, designer-led furniture, eclectic home decoratives, artisan gifts and crafts – all in all, there is something for everyone, complimented by the unique “Pullman” Tea Room & Café. 

Some of those Dealers, currently trading from Melford Antiques, Interiors & Lifestyle Centre are listed below.  They are all specifically chosen for their individuality, style and quality.  Due to the size of the Centre, we are always looking for more…. if interested telephone 01787 323626 or 0770 282329.   

Bumpstead Antiques & Interiors

Graham Hessell

Established in 1995, Bumpstead Antiques & Interiors, specialise in fine antique furniture, collectables, clocks, lighting, art work objets d’ vertu, antiques and associated items, all dating from the 17th Century onwards, They also undertake restoration, repolishing and the sourcing of specific items.

Bumpstead Antiques
Clarmel House

Clarmel House Antiques

Stephen J Andrews

Dealing in fine quality furniture and associated decorative items primarily from the 18th, 19th & early 20th century. Stephen has been a dealer for man years and is well known is the profession for quality and style

Martin Swinton Antiques

Martin Swinton

A well-established name in the antique world and known for dealing in some of the very best Antique furniture & home decoratives from the 18th to the early part of the 20th Century, all beautifully restored and in prime condition ready to go straight into the end-buyers homes and offices 

Bumpstead Antiques
Martin Swinton

Douglas Plumb Antiques

Douglas Plumb

Duggy Plumb is an old school antiques dealer, dealing in fine quality antique furniture and associated decorative items primarily from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century. Duggy also is renowned for dealing in vintage tools and associated items

Earl Webber Furniture

Earl & Ann Webber

A husband and wife team, Earl and Ann have been involved in the antique trade virtually all their life. Highly respected in the trade and well known for dealing in quality Antique and decorative furniture from the 17th Century to the early 20th Century they also undertake full restoration, repair, and repolishing work.

Earl Webber Antiques
Martin Swinton

Jane Short Antiques

Jane Short

Another highly respected and well established Dealer with a particular eye for quality and the unusual. Jane was a Dealer in South Africa where she had her own shop before returning to England several years ago. Her stock is diverse, often very decorative and dating from the 17th to the early part of the 20th Century. In addition to fine Antique furniture, she also deals in and has an eclectic display of Collectables including Artwork, silver and silver plate, glass ware, objets d’vertu etc..

Tang & CO. Home

Shiela & Stuart Thompson

Shiela and Stuart with an uncanny eye for current trends source far and wide to create some of the most eclectic and designer led a variety of modern, period-style furniture and Home Decoratives, beautifully and eye-catching displayed in two rooms including far Eastern treasures, clocks and unusual (if not bizarre in some cases)  gift ideas and crafts.

Tang and Co
Ray and Linda

Countryside pine & Oak Furniture

Ray & Linda

Proprietors Ray & Linda have been dealing in and supplying modern country Oak and pine furniture and associated home decoratives for decades and again are very much aware what is currently in trend. Quality and style is their forte too!

Cambridge Fine Art

One of the leading Art Galleries in Cambridgeshire, well known for the quality of their works, they offer for sale fine works of art which are stunningly displayed along the walls adorning the grand staircase and first-floor landing. Highly decorative, traditional and contemporary original Art in oils, watercolours and other mediums by listed and well-known Artists, fully detailed and described.

Cambridge Fine Art

Inspirato Interiors Ltd

Robert Delaney

19th Century and later furniture Artwork and Collectables, Bob has an eye for the more unusual and decorative pieces.

Lighting INC

You will find a fine selection of antique, vintage, and later/modern and designer-led lighting within the Melford Antiques, Interiors, and Lifestyle Centre across the 4 extensive floors. From stunning center-piece Chandelairs to individual and ornate ceiling and free standing lights. Many are rewired and PAT tested (where required) and all are ready to light up your life even more than it probably is already…! Sourcing and meeting the specific needs individual requirements for hoteliers, businesses, and the discerning individual or partnership can be arranged too.


Kathleen & Ashley Bertram

Patsy & Ashley Bertram

Patsy (as she is known to her friends & fellow Dealers) and her husband Ashley have been in the Antiques game for many, many years. They deal in a wide and diverse, far-reaching variety of Antique and later furniture, Art work and Collectables as well as Antiquarian and later books.

J & R Norman Antiques

One of the biggest and most well known and respected clock dealers in the UK. J & R Norman have been established since 1974 all their clocks including grandfather / longcase clocks, mantle, tavern and wall clocks are fully serviced and restored prior to sale and covered by J & R Norman 2 year guarentee and free set up, subject to location. As we with all our dealers it is a delight to have them trading from our centre.

Antique Clock

Bloomfield Furniture Ltd

Richard & Noreen Bloomfield

Richard and Noreen have been Antique Dealers for many, many years and again are well known, respected and established. They have an eclectic mix of Antique Furniture, Collectables, Art work, glass and objet d’vertu always on show, restored and ready to go!

Jacqui Preisig Antiques

Jacqui Prisig

Jacqui deals primarily in Art and smaller items of Antique & later furniture, as well as vintage and retro home decoratives and Collectables and period costume Jewellery. She has been in the trade for many years and is again well known and established. Having a jewellery background, she also values and gives advice on jewellery and associated items.

Jaqui Presig
Unit 13 Antiques Wide

Unit 31 Antiques

David Spurgin

The proprietor David, deals primarily in Antique Pine Furniture as well as silver and high end Collectables. He has been in the Antiques trade for many years and is well known and established as a result. His furniture is often sympathetically and beautifully restored and ready to go!

PR Wood Turning

Patrick Reade

Wood turner and creator of some of the finest plate and works of art in wood – not to be missed.

PR Wood Turning
Dealer Cabinets

Holland Antiques

Sam Clarke - Holland

Sam Clarke-Holland spelcialises in jewelery, silver and related items.

Geon Antiques

Geoff & Corinne

Dealing in silver and objets d’vertu, costume jewellery and small fine objets d’ vertu.


Ridgeway Antiques

Trevor Cornforth

Trevor deals in Chinese, Tibetan, Indian/Asian and oriental Antiquities & artefacts primarily. He also has an eclectic mix of fine Jewellery and objets d’art on display too. Trevor, who has appeared on TV in connection with his interest, has written two books on the subject of Chinese snuff bottles. He is a regular traveller to the far East and a professional guide too all which helps him to get into certain places where tourists aren’t allowed and with that create the right contacts for his fascinating and eclectic stock.

Tony Robinson-Smith Antiques

Another well-known and well established Dealer. Tony specialises in fine Antique furniture dating primarily from the 17th to the early Century, travelling all over the Country to find the very best examples of popular Antique Furniture. His stock is beautifully presented, sympathetically restored and ready to grace the finest of homes.

Robinson Smith
Sarahs Garden Collectables

Gardenalia Inc

A Selection of period and vintage garden statuary, seating, garden equipment and decoration, suitable for inside and outside use. Some highly individual, others more traditional but all nevertheless helping to bring the joy and pleasure of your garden etc home again.

L.D. Antiques

Lee Delphine

In addition to dealing in 19th Century functional Antique furniture such as dining tables, chest of drawers etc, Lee also sources worldwide some of the finest reproduction and period style furniture suitable more for those who want the look but not the Antique pre se, often more suitable for the modern home. He also has a good selection of lighting, mirrors and unusual home decoratives and gift ideas. 

LD Antiques

Andrea Giner Serra

Andrea specialises in fine Jewellery, antique, vintage and modern, from rings to necklaces, bracelets to brooches. Her selection is vast and ranges from just a few pounds to many hundreds if not thousands. She certainly adds to the sparkle found within the Centre!

Andy's Antiques

Andrew East

Andy is well known in the trade, dealing in mainly 19th and early 20th Century furniture be it wardrobes and chest of drawers to dining chairs and other seating, tables and the occasional decorative furniture.


Blue Geronius Antiques

Linda Hynard

Linda sources and deals in all manner of fine, unusual and highly decorative and functional items of Furniture dating from the 17th to the early part of the 20th Century including Art work, Home Decoratives and Collectables. She has an eye for the smaller, finer pieces that can grace any room or area often overlooked but more often than not essential to complete the look and setting required.

Douglas McNeish

previously a London Dealer before moving to the Country, Douglas’s stock is of the traditional City and Town range, his stand flamboyant and statement making. Large ornate gilt and gesso framed Antique Mirrors, candelabras are mixed with fine Antique furniture and Artwork and decorative items, all creating the look of grandeur and individuality.

Mark Matthews

Books, Books and more Books – Matthew is a book dealer having a massive stock of books on display, many being diverse in title and subject matter as well as factual. He also has a varied array of collectables and home decoratives – “interesting” is an understatement!! You’ll find him on the second floor…..


Angry Agent

Bruce & Miller

are a highly respected duo, knowledgeable and of international acclaim sourcing and dealing and displaying for sale a fabulous and eclectic selection of fine Bronze and other Sculptures, Artwork, designer Jewellery, glass and porcelain. Indeed their stock much from their own collections are some of the more bizarre and highly collectable rarities that you will only find when you have the right connections. Definitely not to be missed…..

Linda French

One of our Dealers who has a cabinet in the foyer in which she displays an eclectic selection of vintage and costume Jewellery, small home decoratives and collectors items, glass, china and other artefacts Linda is often seen on the Fair circuit and has an eye for the unusual as well as great quality!

Janet Gould Interiors

does exactly what she says on the tin vis a vis “ Interiors”. Such is her forte and she has a varied selection of furniture and collectables that will grace any home from Chaise lounge to functional and decorative furniture, artwork and collectables. You’ll find her and her services on our second floor …….

Jam Jewellery

was formed over 30 years ago when its founders, Jane and Michael, saw a gap in the market for high quality jewellery at very affordable prices. Specialising in gold, platinum and other precious metals and gemstones they have built a loyal following from both the public and the trade with repeat Customers from all over the World, many of whom have been with “Jam” since its inception in 1991. You’ll find “JAM JEWELLERY” in our Collectors Cabinets area on the ground floor.

Junipers Interiors

is again a Dealer (Nicci) who specialises in Interior design and furnishings. From painted furniture to ornate Chandeliers and other lighting, mirrors, home decoratives and other statement pieces, with Nicci’s eye and creations you just know you are going to create the look that everyone else wants!! You’ll find her on our first floor….!

Rush Seating Suffolk

Matthew Pike

Matthew Pike  is yet another fine “old school” traditional Antiques Dealer with many years of experience. Sourcing and restoring, sympathetically, fine Country Oak and other furniture primarily from the 17th – 19th  Century together with related items and home decoratives, Matthew creates the look of  and furnish  Country Manor Houses/City Dwellings with aplomb. You’ll find his stand on the first floor ….


Hilary O'Connor

 Coin Specialist Hilary deals primarily in British coinage and notes. She also deals in fine antique and  vintage Jewellery, watches and objets d’ vertu with a discerning eye to quality. Find her in our Collectables Cabinet area in our Foyer ….